Please CLICK HERE to contact B4 Director of Officials Nav Mangat for more information and to sign up for clinics. 

Stroke and Turn Clinic 

May 18 - Ladner

May 25 - North Delta

May 30 - Richmond (First time officials)

May 31 - Richmond (Returning officials refresher)

Starter Ref Clinic

June 1 - Richmond

June 8 - Ladner


1.) Stroke and Turn for New Parents and First Time Officials

This clinic will be geared to parents who are just getting started in the club and would like to understand the roles and responsibilities of Stroke & Turn Officials. It is also appropriate for parents who have been in the club for a while, and who may attended the clinic in the past, but have not had the opportunity to go on deck and/or shadow an official yet.

2.) Stroke and Turn Refresher for Returning Officials

This clinic is specifically aimed at parents who have already been acting as Stroke & Turn officials and would like a refresher before the swim season begins. Also welcome are parents who have attended a clinic in the past and have shadowed on deck, but have not yet taken a shift independently. It is important to attend this course annually if possible in order to be prepared for the competitive season.

 3.) Starter & Ref Clinic

This clinic is aimed at experienced Stroke & Turn Officials who are ready to move into the role of Starter and Referee at Meets. If you have been on deck for several years, or have already been acting as a Starter, Referee, or DDO, this is the clinic for you. It is important to attend this course annually if possible in order to be prepared for the competitive season.

4.) Stroke and Turn For Coaches

This clinic is designed to address the rules of Stroke and Turn as it applies to the coaches - what are the judges doing out there, and what do the disqualifications specifically mean? Our coaches all know the rules of swimming, but are often thrown off guard by the wording of the DQ or by the particular infractions that may be noticed by the stroke and turn judges. Also included in this clinic is how to do a protest. There are many steps to a protest that are specific and time sensitive. It is best to learn this process prior to the season, so that they are ready when it happens, and not using their time during a busy meet to read through the rule book and figure out what to do.

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