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May - August


Swimmers must be 5 years of age by Jan 1st and be able to swim 25m unassisted.


The Bluebacks full membership provides swimmers the opportunity to train 4-8 times per week (depending on training level). This program is designed both for swimmers looking to compete in swimming as well as for those who merely want to improve their fitness and swimming ability.  There are various family social events throughout the summer.  All swim meet  entry fees are included in the cost of the program.

CROSS TRAINERS: (Space is Limited and Must Be approved)

May - August


Minimum 2 years in competitive swimming or equivalent experience for Div 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8.


The Bluebacks Cross Trainer Program provides swimmers the opportunity to train 3 times a week and maintain fitness and involvement in the sport.  This program is intended for youth who want to stay in shape in the summer, cross-train for other sports, and to provide a positive social environment. 

If you love to swim for fitness, but don’t necessarily want to be competitive, this program is for you! Fees include option to enter in our B4 Time Trials and  Home Swim Meet only.  If swimmers wish to compete in other meets, they are responsible for the Meet entry costs. (limited space available)

 Winter Maintenance Program


All swimmers registering for the Winter Maintenance Program MUST have been registered in the summer season. This is a "maintenance" program for those who swam in the summer and are looking to "maintain" their skills during off season. 

This program follows the maximum 2 hr training rule that allows Summer Swimmers to keep their "S" status. In some circumstances training over 2 hrs a week in off season requires swimmers to register as an "O" swimmer during the Summer seasons. Click here for the NEW "S & O" rule, in effect Dec 1, 2014. 


Session 1: September - December 
Session 2: January - March

Choose 1 hr Saturday, 1 hr Sunday or both days. 
Once registered into a swim session, swimmers must stay on their scheduled day. Switching days is not available. 

For more information about the Winter Maintenance Program send an email here. 

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