About the Club

The Boundary Bay Bluebacks Swim Club has been active for over 50 years in the South Delta community. We train at the Winskill Aquatic Centre in Tsawwassen.  

We are involved in competitive and non-competitive swimming along with developmental swimming programs. We encourage our swimmers to reach their personal goals and full potential in a safe and enjoyable program. For some, this means swimming one length of a pool unaided and for others bringing home Provincial Championship medals. Former Bluebacks have gone on to university varsity swim teams and some to the Canadian Olympic Time Trials.


The Boundary Bay Bluebacks is a summer swim club that promotes the sport of swimming within a safe and enjoyable environment. 

We are a family-centered club that values open communication where we provide a structured, developmental approach to swimming. 

We encourage healthy competition but never compromise fun in the process. 

We encourage and challenge each swimmer to move forward towards their own goals and aspirations.

Programs are available for children aged 3 to 18 of all abilities who can swim 25m unassisted. Each age group is coached to their abilities and development is consistent throughout the season.


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